Park board plans annual Easter egg hunt

The Italy Park Board began preparing for its annual Easter egg hunt at its monthly meeting Tuesday night.

Susan Harris, board member, suggested holding the hunt at Dunlap Library.

“I think it’s good to have it at the library.” She added, “It’s a good resource for a community our size.”

Harris read a letter from the librarian making suggestions for the next hunt. Members agreed and suggested they invite the librarian to the next meeting in order to better prepare.

Harris said several volunteers failed to show up last year causing stress on those that did attend.

Clover Stiles, board member, suggested assigning committees at the February meeting.

Preliminary plans are to host the event on Saturday, April 3, at 10 a.m.

In other business, the board discussed the pros and cons of the Christmas parade and festival.

Mayor Frank Jackson thanked all the board members for their hard work.

“Despite the negative things said and written, you pulled it all together,” he added.

Stiles agreed the event was a great success but said there were a few areas that needed improvement. For example, she said volunteers need specific assignments.

She said a few vendors were not pleased with the outcome of their sales. The booth location was a common complaint.

She suggested that perhaps next year a map be prepared and allow the vendors to pick a spot when they pay the vendor fee. That would encourage vendors not to wait until the last minute.

Stiles said offering free photos with Santa at no charge was a positive thing that needed to be continued. She also said that roping off Main Street is safer for the attendees.

She said the Christmas tree lighting on the following evening went well noting that most, if not all, churches in the community were represented.

In other business, the board approved minutes from the November meetings.

The mayor told members the city has $25,000 for the reconstruction of a concession stand at Upchurch Field.

Board members Jason Escamilla and Janet Campbell were not present at the meeting.