January 2010 is School Board Recognition Month


Governor Rick Perry has proclaimed January as School Board Recognition Month to help highlight the contributions of dedicated men and women who take the time to care about our local schools. The Italy ISD will join districts across the state to thank board members for voluntarily tackling the enormous job of governing local school districts.

“As advocates for our children, school board members face difficult challenges. These local citizens, our neighbors, are elected by the community to make critical decisions that directly affect the future of our youth. They work tirelessly, devoting countless hours to help ensure a quality education that will lead our students to success,” said Jimmie Malone, Italy ISD superintendent.

“Our school board members are a vital link between the community and the classroom. They bear responsibility for an annual budget of $5.6 million, 640 students, 105 employees and two campuses. Their job is not an easy one, but they have a commitment to serve their community and ensure that all students are given every opportunity to excel through education. Help us show appreciation to these board members for giving of themselves and caring so much about every child enrolled in our schools,” Malone said.

The men and women serving Italy ISD are:

  • Larry Eubank, President
  • Cindy Carter, Vice-President
  • Cheryl Owen, Secretary
  • Paul Cockerham
  • Marty Haight
  • Tommy Morrison
  • Curtis Riddle