Balloons headed to the North Pole

Image: Balloons With Christmas Wishes — I see my note!

Balloons With Christmas Wishes — I see my note! (Cindy Sutherland)

Last Friday around 11:45 Stafford kindergartners could be seen sending many multi colored balloons up into the sky. But these were not just ordinary balloons, oh no, these balloons had letters to Santa Claus inside. They were headed to the North Pole.

Their wish lists had many things listed such as: clothes, hot wheels, dolls, games and Little Pet Shop Puppy was a favorite on many of the wish lists.

Sherry Phillips, (party helper) said, ‘I am the ’Room Aunt’ for Mrs. Daughtery’s class. It is the kindergarten class for Stafford Elementary and today we made a Christmas wish list and put it in balloons and have floated them off to the North Pole to Santa Claus. The kids had a blast doing this and were so excited about their letters going to Santa."

Mrs. Daughtery said "We are having their Christmas party, they are making ornaments, having lots of treats, but the highlight of their party is flying their balloons with their Christmas lists inside to Santa Claus.

Another fun filled day at Stafford Elementary. Merry Christmas!