Burk’s Kinder College Closed

Image: Empty Building — Burk’s Daycare is no longer in this building.

Empty Building — Burk’s Daycare is no longer in this building. (Cindy Sutherland)

Not only was Friday a gray day weather wise, it also was a very gray and gloomy day for Patricia Burk, owner of Burk’s Kinder College. Her lifelong dream of having a Christian daycare died on Friday with the closing of her daycare center.

The only thing left in the building now is boxes waiting to be moved out. All the beautifully painted and decorated rooms are now empty.

Due to major repairs that had to be made to bring the building up to code before they could open put the opening date back by five months. Patricia hoped to open the doors to her day care in August and was not able to open until November. This, Patricia thinks is the main reason her business closed, along with the fact that she only had three children. The daycare was open for only one month.

Patricia said, “My heart is broken over this. My life long dream to have a Christian day care and teach Christian ethics is over.” Patricia has started the applicaion process to have a registered daycare in her home in Milford. If you would like more information call Patricia at: 214-533-7133.

It was a sad day for Italy and a sad day for the Burk family as well.