Italy EDC continues with Miracle Consulting

The Italy Economic Development Corporation continued contractual consulting services with David Miracle at its monthly meeting Tuesday night.
The board agreed to continue with steps three and four, which includes highlighting the city’s strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats, according to Miracle. This process would be similar to the EDC joint meeting with community leaders held in August. Those at the August meeting were named to a strategic steering committee and will be invited to participate in this meeting as well.
The cost for Miracle’s services for the first phase was $150 per hour for a maximum of 30 hours. The second phase of services is $150 per hour for a maximum of 40 hours. Miracle expects to complete the second phase of the project within 120 days.
Miracle explained that he would do work force and various demographic researches for the EDC website. He said this would contain typical information an employer might need: the city’s crime rate, school information, graduation rates, taxes, water and various other aspects pertaining to the company.
Miracle delivered a packet to board members regarding the initial services that included the EDC mission statement, goals and objectives, and summary; the first two steps of an eight-step process.
The board also approved a proposal from Cave Consulting, the website designer for the City of Italy.
Teri Murdock, city secretary/administrator, said the city’s EDC website is one page, one-dimensional. She said Cave Consulting could give the website more dimension without creating a new website.
Elmerine Bell, Karen Mathiowetz and Tom Little were named to a subcommittee to discuss items to place on the website.
Mark Souder Sr. pointed out the cost for the site would be a minimum of $2,100 through Cave Consultants.
During citizen comments, Bryant Cockran questioned the EDC members about the upcoming beer and wine election. He said some see it as economic development.
Mark Stiles, president, said that members of the board were private voters and the EDC would deal with any affects after the election.
The upcoming EDC regular meeting, steering committee meeting and dinner are set for Tuesday, Oct. 20. A regular EDC meeting is set for Nov. 17 and a regular meeting and workshop are set Dec. 15.
Board members Randy Boyd and Jason Escamilla were not present at the meeting.