Italy Baseball and T-ball players compete in District Tournament

Image: Italy T-ballers enter District Tournament blasting away

Italy T-ballers enter District Tournament blasting away (Barry Byers)

Italy T-ballers stirred up the dust earlier this week at the District Tournament in Hillsboro.

Coached by Charles Hyles and Steve Janek, Italy’s little superstars were having a big time in their first tournament experience on Monday.

Creighton Hyles stared down Hillsboro batters from the pitchers circle while Brodie Hugghins had the best seat in the park behind home plate, as the catcher.

Chase Hyles caught the throws to first base while Bryce Deborde was a watchdog in the gap between first and second base.

Decon was active at shortstop stirring up the majority of dust for Italy as well as bringing the bat when he was at the hitting tee.

The Hyles Brothers along with Reese Janek, Bryce and Decon also crushed balls into the teeth of the Hillsboro defense giving Italy fans a preview of what to expect from these young sluggers in the years ahead.

In the 14 & Under Division, Chase Hamilton and Justin Woods of Italy were picked up by the Whitney Wildcats team for the playoffs along with Justin’s dad, Gary Wood, who joined the Whitney coaching staff.

After Whitney’s starting pitcher tired early, Chase took over the rest of the way while Justin handled the catching duties. The one-two punch of Chase and Justin will continue to be a winning combination for the Italy Gladiators over the next 4 years.

IYAA Sports, “The winning tradition starts here.”