Board accepts Luttrull resignation, TAKS scores reviewed

The Italy School Board of Trustees accepted the resignation of Pam Luttrull, special education director, at a called meeting Tuesday evening.

The district hired Luttrull, who has been with the district for three years, to bring the special education department from the co-op to the district.

Jimmie Malone, superintendent, said the board accepted her resignation, with regret. “You have the special education program in good shape. We appreciate your service the last few years,” he added.

Cheryl Owen, board member, said she was nervous about leaving the co-op when the district pulled out several years ago. She commended Luttrell for the job she did.

Board President Larry Eubank told Luttrell, “You will be missed and we appreciate the job you have done.”

Luttrell said this school district and the transition has been a positive experience.

Luttrell and Cari Cochran, counselor, reported initial results from the 2008-2009 Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills (TAKS) testing. They stressed the fact that these are raw numbers and district would not receive official results from the State until August.

Preliminary scores by subject and grade level at Stafford Elementary are reading – 100%, math – 67%, third grade; reading – 93%, math – 74%, writing – 95%, fourth grade; reading – 85%, math – 79%, science – 71%, fifth grade; and reading – 100%, math – 95%, sixth grade.

Campus-wide, the scores totals are reading – 94%, math – 79%, writing – 95% and science – 71%. They said the rating at Stafford should be academically acceptable.

Luttrell said the elementary campus plans on putting heavier emphasis on science in the fourth grade to help elevate the science scores in the fifth grade. She added that all science TAKS tests are struggling statewide.

On the junior high level, preliminary scores are reading – 66%, math – 57%, writing – 82%, seventh grade; and reading – 88%, math – 72%, social studies – 81%, science – 52%, eighth grade.

High school scores are reading – 90%, math – 47%, ninth grade; reading/language arts – 84%, math – 51%, social studies – 89%, science – 38%, tenth grade; and reading/language arts – 93%, math – 76%, science – 78%, social studies – 98%, eleventh grade.

The board discussed several options to help elevate some of the lower scores. Cochran said the principal can “set the climate” for the testing. She explained that she worked at other campuses when TAKS was addressed the first day of school. They also discussed a strong teacher-mentoring program.

Eubank said the staff and community needs to know that the board takes these scores seriously and the classroom should be the focus.

Following the report, the board went into executive session to discuss administrative vacancies. They took no action.