Party-Hawaiian Style

Image: Senior ’09 — First Baptist hosted the seniors for the Luau on Tuesday night.

Senior ’09 — First Baptist hosted the seniors for the Luau on Tuesday night. (Anne Sutherland)

The sounds of the Beach Boys and Elvis singing Blue Hawaii trickled through the halls of First Baptist Church of Italy on Tuesday night. The seniors were eating chicken, wearing their beach clothes and bowling Hawaiian style.

First Baptist Church hosted the IHS Senior Luau this week and it was a success. What was on the menu? Not exactly a pig in the ground but roasted chicken, grilled sausage, baked potatoes, beans, mac’n cheese and all the chocolate cake a graduating senior could eat on a Tuesday night. It filled the bill. After eating the feast, sitting cross-legged on the ground, each student lined up for games.

Hawaiian bowling was the first game to achieve. Take a stick about 8" long and two bricks lined up 20’ away from the teams of girls vs. boys and throw it. It’s not as easy as it sounds. You have to throw that stick in between the two bricks, if you please. You either got it or you don’t. The two that won were Trent Morgan and Lindsey Brogdon. Next was a balancing act. Take your shoes off and balance one foot on a domed rock. Now, maintain your stance while you bend up and down at the knee. Not too easy either. Winners with the best balance included Clay Major and Lindsey Brogdon. Can you hoola hoop? Not just anyone can do that either. Anthony Johnson and Lindsey Brogdon can and they won. (We are not sure why Lindsey wins all the games). What’s next on the agenda, you ask? Limbo, of course. How low can you go? Kenny Banks won that game, hands down, if you’ll excuse the pun.

The students are in the middle of the last week of school and graduation. Some of the churches in town are hosting parties for the graduates and the kids are grateful and they are having a lot of fun! Wednesday night, they are off to Union Baptist for a cookout!

Remember these famous words from a famous Hawaiian poet, “Mahalo hula moa Mei.” (Thank you for dancing with a chicken in May). Aloha!

Raymond Arriaga
Martin Ayala
Kenneth Banks
Tyler Boyd
Lindsey Brogdon
Stephanie Carter
Tess Clark
Dontavius Clemons
Curtis Cole
Shane Cotter
Trevor Davis
Eva DeLaHoya
Becca DeMoss
Blanca Figueroa
Angelica Garza
Roy Glaspy
Evander Holbert
Anthony Johnson
Annalee Lyons
Clayton Major
Raul Mata
Coda McCarthy
Case Michael
Darrin Moore
Trent Morgan
Susana Ramos
Diamond Rodgers
Claudia Rodriguez
Shanta Thomas
Mike Vlk
Patrick Walker
Jasmine Wallace
Craig Wright