Play Day at Stafford Elementary

Image: PTO Concession Stand — Jenna Chambers and her daughter Morgan are busy whipping up a sweet concoction.

PTO Concession Stand — Jenna Chambers and her daughter Morgan are busy whipping up a sweet concoction. (Cindy Sutherland)

Friday morning at 9:00 AM there was a lot of fun going on at Stafford Elementary. I am talking about the annual “Play Day” at Stafford Elementary. There were students, parents, teachers, and even brothers and sisters having a wonderful time.

Many, many games were being played, such as: Flipper Race, Bean Bag Toss, Coconut Carry, Treasure Hunt, Limbo, Tug of War and many more.

One of the fun games I saw everyone having fun at was called Beach Ball Relay. The students were in pairs and they put the beach ball between them and had to run down to the cones and back with out dropping the beach ball. Whoever got to the finish line first won the game.

Mrs. Jacinto (ESL Assistant) headed up the game Coconut Carry, she explained, “You get a coconut and put it in between your legs and run to the cones and turn around and run back. We have two different teams and whoever finishes first is the winner.” Zach Hernandez was helping with this game and said,“I had to race a few of the kids because the lines were off. I won sometimes.”

Jennifer Dickerson (Pre-K Teacher) headed up the Tropical Toss game. She said, “We are excited for the kids because Play Day lets the little kids see the bigger kids and they all get to interact with each other. The parents get to come and see all the different grades levels at once. Everyone is having a great time.”

Jenna Chambers (PTO member) was working in the PTO concession stand. She said, "It is Play Day and we are selling candy and chips and all kinds of stuff for the kids to snack on. Darlene McBride, President of Stafford PTO said, “We are here to support the kids and the teachers. The kids are having a great time and that is what it is all about.”

The PTO was also selling raffle tickets to win four tickets to a Jonas Brothers concert. They announced the winner at Play Day. The winner was Kinzie Whatley in Mrs. Spraberry’s Kindergarten class. Congratulations, Kinzie!

Mrs. Angie Janek (P.E. Teacher) and Mrs. Leticia Galvan (P.E. Assistant) organized this wonderful “Play Day of Fun.” Lots of hard work and ingenuity went into planning this day of fun for everyone.

Thank you Mrs. Janek and Mrs. Galvan for giving us yet another good day at Stafford Elementary!