Employee of the Month – Speed Hamby

Image: Speed Hamby — Employee of the month, Speed Hamby said, “I love being back in Italy.”

Speed Hamby — Employee of the month, Speed Hamby said, “I love being back in Italy.” (Cindy Sutherland)

Speed Hamby has been employed by Italy ISD for three years this coming June as the director of maintenance and transportation. He is over the custodial and maintenance staff, orders supplies and keeps up with mowing the grounds and keeping them beautiful.

His staff consists of four maintenance and seven custodial personell. “My staff make my job much easier, they are very good workers.” Hamby went on to say, “Part of my job is to keep things organized and make sure my staff has what they need to do their jobs. I order the parts and the supplies for the department. When I can, I am out there on the mowers like everybody else. I like working outside, working with my hands and repairing things.”

What lead to Hamby being selected for employee of the month was an incident with the Corpus Christi ISD’s school bus requiring Hamby to go above and beyond the line of duty. Corpus Christi’s school bus broke down late on a Friday evening. It was raining and their windshield wipers went out. Speed was traveling along the highway and saw the bus was having trouble. Hamby explained, “So, Bobby one of the techinicians and I went out there and fixed the wipers. We thought we had it fixed but they got as far as Forreston and had to turn around because the wipers quit working again and I went back a second time out in the rain and fixed the wipers again. All part of the job.”

When asked what he thought about receiving this award, Speed replied, “It was a total surprise I wasn’t expecting it. I know some of my employees deservingly have receieved it. It was just a pleasant suprise.”

Prior to working for Italy ISD Hamby worked for Aramark in Allen, Texas and managed the custodial department for Allen ISD for approximately 7 years. He was over a staff of 120 people.

Hamby has been married for 35 years this June to his wife Bobbie. He has two boys, Chad and Jason. Chad works for Dart Container and Jason works for South Ellis County Water Company. He also has two grandsons Grant and Jake Hamby.

In his spare time Speed likes to work outside around the house and mow the pasture.

When asked how he liked working for Italy ISD Hamby replied, “Mr. Malone is a good boss to work for, I have enjoyed working for him, he doesn’t micro manage, he allows me to do my job. It has been a real pleasure working for Mr. Malone and I hope that continues for a long time. I love being back in

Congratulations! We are glad you are back in Italy too!