City hires new trash service

The City Council met Monday evening for a called work session. They discussed the art class painting a mural on the old train trestle concrete, the building codes and permits, budget adjustments for sanitation contract, and action regarding the Substandard Building Ordinance.

The Italy High School art class wants to paint a mural on the old train trestle concrete, but the council had a few concerns. This item was tabled until the question of liability, and a preview of what to be painted was reviewed.

The city has been discussing contracting out the building inspections to an outside company, they are leaning towards using Ellis County Inspections. This would mean there would be a price increase in the inspection fees, but the City Secretary said that our fees are already well below the standard.

The updating of the International Building Codes and National Electric Codes were discussed, but then tabled until they could find out what the Ellis County Inspections organization prefers.

The council made a motion to approve the contract with DCI for city sanitation services. This will include changing the city to plastic trash bins for each house, and also have the ability to have recycle bins. This will cost the city $9.50 per customer.

The city owns a number of dumpsters and one trash truck. DCI has offered to absorb the truck and dumpsters, but want the city to extend the city’s contract by three years. The item was tabled until the city could determine the value of the dumpsters, and the truck.

The council also discussed actions regarding updates to the Substandard Building Ordinance, but it was tabled until the May meeting.