Tyler Boyd receives $3,000 scholarship

Image: Scholarship Recipient-Tyler Boyd

Scholarship Recipient-Tyler Boyd (McGraw-Clark Photography)

On Sunday, April 19, 2009, the Kayrene Uehlinger Scholarship was presented to Tyler Boyd during the morning worship at Central Baptist Church in Italy. This is the second year that the Class of 1968 has made the presentation.

The scholarship was established by the IHS Class of 1968 as a memorial to Kayrene to assist a graduating senior from Central Baptist Church to further his/her education. Because of the generosity of classmates, friends, family and church members, Boyd was awarded a $3,000 scholarship.

When Uehlinger passed away after a 14 year battle with cancer on August 9, 2007, she left a legacy of her life in the memories of those that knew and loved her. Ronnie Clanton, a member of the Class of 1968, wanted to do something to honor her and keep her memory alive, so he suggested to several members of their graduating class that they start a Kayrene Uehlinger Memorial Scholarship. This is the second year a $3,000 has been awarded to a youth from Central Baptist Church.The applicants were required to furnish their high school transcript, a one page essay, and two letters of recommendation from non-family members. They must also have an 80 or above average.

Boyd’s Essay:

I am truly honored to be able to apply for this scholarship. I had known Mrs. Uehlinger for most of my life. To me she is an inspiration to all fellow Christians. It is because of her courage that I am able to follow my God without any deterrent or reservation. I hope that I will be able to show others this strength through my faith and will demonstrate what I mean when I say that I have the faith of Kayrene.

Kayrene Uehlinger was a caring, dedicated, Christian woman who always helped her neighbors in need. Though she battled through cancer for many years, she never lost sight of what was important to her. She touched me by her outright love of God, of her family, and of her friends. Her strength in Christ gives me the confidence I need to pursue my dreams without fear of what lies ahead.

Through the inspiration of Kayrene and my family, I was determined to succeed in everything I pursued. Therefore I have succeeded in many of my class activities, such as football, National Honor Society, Student Council, Science Club and the UIL. I will also be the valedictorian of my graduating class. With all of these things and many more, I have been able to maximize the abilities and opportunities God has blessed me with. I hope that in college I will not lose sight of what is important and that I will be able to keep my faith.

In the end, I really hope that I receive this scholarship so that I will be able to continue my dream of receiving a Ph.D in history from the University of North Texas. As a college professor, I also hope that I will be able to teach future generations how they can learn from the past, so that they will one day succeed and not make the same mistakes that others have. I know I have made my own mistakes, but I hope that I will not be judged by these actions, but by the great things I hopefully will accomplish.

To donate to the Kayrene Uehlinger Memorial Scholarship, contact Karen Mathiowetz, P.O. Box 827, Italy, TX 76651 or call (972) 483-7434.


by Cherilyn Davis received April 20, 2009 at 3:20pm

Congratulations Tyler on your academic success.