School Board Candidate Questionnaire

Openness, honesty and support from candidates are necessary for voters to be able to make rational, appropriate choices. To help the community be knowledgeable of the candidates, the following questionnaire has been provided.

After completing the questions, you can email your answers or drop them off at the Monolithic offices. Make sure to number the answers according to the questions they pertain to. Please include a photograph of yourself when you turn in your questionnaire. The candidates’ answers will be published in the order we receive them.

  1. Please tell us a little about yourself (current work, education, experience, background).

  2. What ties do you have at the Italy school district (i.e. children enrolled, family employed, former student)?

  3. Why are you seeking a seat on the school board?

  4. What qualifications or experience do you possess that voters should consider?

  5. What do you consider your primary responsibility as a school board member?

  6. What do you consider the most important issue facing our school today?

  7. What do you consider the most positive and negative aspect of being a member of the school board?

  8. What do you think should be the top priorities of the school board after this election?

  9. Are there any policy changes you would seek to implement at the school? If yes, which ones?

  10. What community services have you given the school or community in the past?

  11. Explain your position on hiring non-certified teachers?

  12. How would you maintain a healthy balance between education and athletics?

  13. Because discipline is a nationwide problem, what ideas or changes would you like to see to continue to improve school discipline?

  14. With the current money crunch, what ideas do you have to keep the budget trim?

  15. What positive changes within the infrastructure of our schools might be made to retain and/or attract quality teachers to educate our children?

  16. In what ways can the district’s school board be more open to listen to teachers and parents about their concerns?

  17. What incentives, if any, do you think should be implemented to motivate students to improve their performance in the classroom?