Red Cross Could Use Your Help

Image: Red Cross needs donations to assist areas covered by grass fires

Red Cross needs donations to assist areas covered by grass fires

Last week, wild fires fueled by high winds spread throughout the northwest portion of Texas and into Oklahoma. Dozens of homes were destroyed in the Montague County towns of Sunset and Stoneburg, Texas. The Red Cross, as always, sprung into action to give some relief to victims. However, they have requested donations from Italy Lions Club and the Italy Ministerial Alliance.

Mark Souder, Sr, affiliated with the local Lions Club, proposed a solution. “If everyone in Italy donated a towel, that would be 2000 towels.” Asking for necessities for the people in surrounding counties, the Red Cross is needing your help. Souder suggested that each church request a pack of toothbrushes or a set of sheets for the people who lost everything last week. “If it happened there, it could happen here too. We need to remember that.”

If you would like to donate $5-$10 or any non-perishable item, such as soap, diapers, toothbrushes, brushes, combs, washcloths or toothpaste, to help others in need through the Red Cross, you may contact Mark Souder at 972-804-9519. He would be happy to pick up your donations and deliver them to the Red Cross on Monday, April 27. You can make your checks to American Red Cross.