“All Heaven and Earth” Easter Production

Image: Entering Bethlehem — The guide is asking the master of ceremonies, “which way do we go?”

Entering Bethlehem — The guide is asking the master of ceremonies, “which way do we go?” (Cindy Sutherland)

Saturday evening at 7:00 PM as you walked through the Italy First Baptist Church and into the courtyard it was as if you were transported back in time. The time that Jesus was walking the earth. The story of Easter unfolded in four different scenes.

As you wandered through the streets of Bethlehem, you could see three men hanging on crosses, you saw an innkeeper tell everyone there was no room in the inn. You saw Jesus turn water into wine and you saw an Angel come out of the empty tomb where Jesus once was to tell you he is gone, he is not there.

The story of Easter was presented in such a way that you left the church knowing the true reason for Easter without any doubt, that Jesus died for our sins and rose again.

“The first time I saw the production I had chill bumps because I knew that this is exactly what transpired. This is what God did for me, there really are no words for it. The production is saying this is what God did. This is what Easter is really all about. Jesus came for me. He took my place on the cross. I am not there but he is.” Pastor Dabney went on to say, " Our plans are to continue doing this production. We will add more scenes, we had four scenes this year. We hope to add maybe one scene a year and maybe more, it depends how much room we need. We might go out on the parking lot and set up each year as it gets bigger. As we build on our new property we plan to make a production out there to do it for Easter and Christmas. That is our plan, we will see what the Lord does."

Liz Reynolds, a member of Italy First Baptist Church for sixty years said, “The Easter program was great, it was just like what the Bible tells us. The costumes were very authentic and it brought us back in time.”

Another church member, Flora Kimball, said " I enjoyed the program very much. It portrayed the Life of Jesus very briefly and quickly but it showed us what we really need to know."

Below is a clip from the theatrical production of, “All Heaven and Earth.”

Cast members were :
Jenna Chambers, Janet Campbell and Kelly Svehlak -Guides
Michael Chambers – Innkeeper
Ross Stiles – Joseph
Taylor Turner – Young Mary
Britney Chambers – Servant Girl
Randy Muirhead – Master of Ceremonies
Krystyna Campbell – Mary at the cross
John Walton – First Jesus
Brandon Souder – Jesus on the cross
Joe Campbell – Pilate
Clayton Campbell – First Thief
Colton Campbell – Second Thief
Matt Brummett – Soldier number 1 at the cross
Clint Cockerham – Soldier number 2 at the cross
Angela Muirhead – Mary Magdalene
Melissa Souder – Salome
Clover Stiles – Angel
Jason Svehlak, Will MacComb – Men in the garden with Jesus
Tina Buck – Older Mary
Nikki Brashear – Guest at the garden
Martha Norcross -Director
Sandra Bryan – Costumes