Erupting Volcanos at Stafford Elementary

Image: It’s Erupting! — Trevor Davis’ science project really worked!

It’s Erupting! — Trevor Davis’ science project really worked! (Cindy Sutherland)

Thursday, at Stafford Elementary all day long volcanos were erupting. Masses of lava could be scene running down these volcanic mountains. Yes, we are talking about Jonathan McLean’s sixth grade science projects.

“I teach fifth and sixth grade at Stafford Elementary and the sixth graders have just finished up studying about volcanos. One of their projects for this unit was to build their own volcano. When they were finished they would bring them to class and we would erupt them. They have all done very well. We have had lots of eruptions all day long. And all of them have been spectacular. The kids are wonderful and I will miss them when they move on,” explained Jonathan Mclean.

The students were having a lot of fun with this project. Madison Washington said “I am in sixth grade and I have made a volcano in Mr. Mclean’s class at Stafford Elementary and I had fun, it really worked, it was supposed to go boom.”

When they were finished erupting their volcanos they had a big surprise waiting for them in their classroom. Cody Boyd and his mother Becky Boyd made a very realistic looking volcano cake with smoke and all. “My Mom and I made this volcano cake that she found it in a cook book. To make it smoke we put a little tube of dry ice and water in the center of the volcano cake.”

Becky Boyd said," I thought the kids would have fun with a volcano cake. We could have made it erupt with lava but we changed our minds."

Another fun day of experimenting in Mr. McLean’s science class.