IYAA Basketball celebrates Week 8

Image: Team Haight — Team Haight celebrates after their win over Hillsboro Light Pink.

Team Haight — Team Haight celebrates after their win over Hillsboro Light Pink. (Barry Byers)

Italy Games

Game 1 – Elizabeth Evans and her (3rd, 4th Girls) team did a number on Hillsboro Hot Pink. Italy won the game 15-9 making their record 8-0. Quintera Washington had a great game on both ends of the floor while Lyric Brooks was all about teamwork. A win Saturday will give Coach Evans’s girls their 2nd straight undefeated season. Coach Evans said regarding her girls, “I’m just so proud of the team and what they have a chance to accomplish Saturday.”

Game 2 – (3rd, 4th Girls) Coached by Tina Haight and her lovely assistant Kasey Holden, Italy celebrated their 23-15 win over Hillsboro Light Pink.

Hillsboro Games as reported:

The “Girls in Gold” (5th, 6th Girls) coached by Barry Byers schooled Hillsboro Red giving them one final basketball lesson. The “Big Gym” in Hillsboro was barely spacious enough for the “Twin Towers” Madison Washington and Jaclynn Lewis as their height advantage inside overwhelmed Hillsboro Red. Jaclynn “Big Shot” Lewis hit a buzzer beater from inside the 3-point arc to end the half, but the ref ruled it was not in time. So Lewis swished a 3-point buzzer beater to end the 3rd quarter that did count. Lewis finished the game with 15-points. Her partner in the paint, Madison “Maddog” Washington, is the total package when it comes to rebounding, passing, dribbling and shooting. A Power Forward in every sense of the name, Washington found time to put in 9-points as well. McKenzie Goodwin’s jumper was wiped out due to a lane violation. KaBreona Davis scored 1-point and Hannah Washington showcased her dribbling skills. Jennifer McDaniel had two offensive rebounds and took her first two game-time shots in her life. Tylar Wilson put in 3-points working hard in the paint. Tara “Court Terror” Wallis knocked down two 3-pointers herself. Wallis scored 13-points helping to lead the “Girls in Gold” to an 8-0 record by beating Hillboro Red 45-14.

Coached by Ken Norwood, the “Norwood Net-poppers” drummed Hillsboro Maroon 41-20. Ken Norwood, Jr. (Junior) kept the beat for Italy scoring 15-points. Coach Norwood’s team has a chance to go undefeated this season.

Michelle Petry’s Italy squad played hard but were eventually defeated by Hillsboro 27-12.

Shedrick Walker’s young Gladiators wore down Hillsboro Blue 33-18. J.T. Escamilla’s 3-pointer set the tone for Italy and Lance McClendon had a strong performance as well.

Coach Jordan Hugghins’s team (3rd, 4th Boys) only had two 4th Graders going into the season. Even though they lost the lead against Hillsboro and ultimately the game 29-22 after scoring the first four baskets, Coach Hugghins can see the improvement in his youngsters. David DaLahoya’s 8-points and 4-blocks led the Italy attack. “Alex Hernandez with 4-points and Jared Gatlin have probably been the most improved,” stated Coach Hugghins.

Coach Misty Escamilla’s team (3rd, 4th Boys) had a bye this week.

Coach Andrea Windham’s team (5th, 6th Boys) had a bye this week also.