Italy City Council Meeting-January 22, 2009

The meeting started at 6:30 PM with the roll call and all members were in attendance.

The Invocation was given by Greg Richards.

Renee Finley addressed the council asking what she had to do to get part of the property with the Carter Center Shops on Highway 77 going towards Milford zoned commercial. She explained it is zoned residential and her father had it sold twice but once the prospective buyers found out it was zoned residential they backed out of the sale. Mayor Jackson said she would have to go before the planning and zoning committee. Teri Murdock (City Secretary/Administrator) backed the Mayor up by saying, “You have to come to city hall and file your request. There has to be two public hearings under request. You have to notify people within 200 feet of your property and you have to make it public in the newspaper. It is the law. You have go through the process.” Mrs. Finley stated that she would call Teri Murdock and file the proper papers.

Greg Richards motioned to approve the zoning request for P.J. Leible for Ordinance # 090112 amending Ordinance #173 amending Section 17 R-1 Retail District – 1 amending Section 18 CH- Commercial Highway District amending Section 21 Specific Use Permits providing a sever-ability clause providing a repealer clause. Rodney Guthrie seconded it. All were in favor. John Droll abstained from the vote because his son’s property is within the 200-foot radius.

After some discussion on Mr Larry Swanson’s request for street repairs on Poplar Street it was decided to wait on bids.

The council decided to table any action regarding bids for White Street until they can rebid it.

There was some discussion regarding a request for proposals for sanitation services for the City of Italy. It was discussed and determined that addresses needed to be changed. Also it was stated that the City of Italy was not bound to take the low bid but would put bids out for thirty days. Mark Souder made the motion to solicit bids from private businesses for thirty days. This motion was seconded by Dennis Perkins and all were in favor.

Upon returning from a closed session Rodney Guthrie motioned to hire Brad Chambers as Public Works Director on an interim basis with a ninety day review. Chambers must obtain a license that is required for this position. It was seconded by Greg Richards. All were in favor except for John Droll.

After much discussion Mark Souder motioned that JK Excavation repair the water leak on Hwy 77 and Dunlap street, reroute the water line on Chad and Hyles Street and down to Sparkman Street and to repair the manhole. The motion was seconded by John Droll.

The meeting ended with Mark Souder telling Brad Chambers he appreciated him stepping up to the plate and filling in for the time that they have had a vacancy. John Droll added that he appreciated the hard work he has done and the only reason he objected to the motion was because he felt the city did not do adequate advertising for the position.