NHS and Student Council sponsors fundraiser

Italy High School is thinking about recycling, which is a good thing these days. NHS and Student Council are pulling together their resources to help our town. If you are interested in eliminating a little clutter around your house, maybe you can coordinate with these students.

The two groups are accepting the following:

cell phones (no chargers or accessories)
inkjet cartridges (the small ones that fit in the palm of your hand. No laser cartridges, no toner cartridges, no fax cartridges and no large printer cartridges)
laptop computers (no desktop computers, tower computers, monitors, printers, scanners, faxes, modems, keyboards, mouses or tv’s)
MP3 players only: Apple iPod, Microsoft Zune, Sandisk or Creative (no other types accepted)
digital cameras
digital video cameras (camcorders)
handheld game systems (only Sony PSP handheld, Nintendo DS lite, Nintendo DS original, Nintendo Gameboy Advance or Nintendo Gameboy color-no other types accepted).

Until Jan. 29, you can drop these things off at Italy High School in the office or Mrs. Moreland’s room. If you need a pick up, contact Mrs. Moreland at Italy High School 972-483-7411 and she will coordinate someone to help you.