The Morris Brothers

Image: The Morris Brothers

The Morris Brothers (Cindy Sutherland)

On Wednesday at 9:30 AM nothing but laughter could be heard coming out of the Stafford Elementary gymnasium. As I entered the gymnasium I saw what all the laughter was about. Two men dressed in mismatched striped socks, “high water” plaid pants, wearing taped glasses were the responsible parties.

These two men are Homer and Rupert Morris. They travel from school to school to teach children how to have confidence in themselves and how to handle bullies. They accomplish this through singing, rapping out songs and humorous skits that are geared to reach the students.

Today their focus was on self confidence. They explained that it is not what you look like on the outside, it is the kind of person you are on the inside that is important and that you have to believe in yourself.

Homer and Rupert told the students how they were made fun of and were called nerds. They explained that nerd stood for “Never Ending Radical Dude”. And when someone calls them a nerd, they just reply, “Rock and Roll” and not let it bother them.

The students learned valuable lessons while being entertained.

Once again, a great day at Stafford Elementary.