Christmas Gift

Image: Christmas Is Near — An ornament symbolizing that Christmas is near.

Christmas Is Near — An ornament symbolizing that Christmas is near. (Cindy Sutherland)

What is Christmas? I ask myself this each year. I know the real reason for Christmas, Jesus of course. So, if that is true, why am I so worried about buying presents? Why am I worried that I bought six gifts for one child, so I better buy six for the others?

Then when I am out there shopping, where is the Christmas spirit? Certainly, it is not in the Wal-Mart at 6:00 AM where several women are fist fighting over a television set because it is on sale. Or in the malls where everyone is in such a hurry, they almost knock you down to get where they are going.

What am I teaching my children and/or my grandchildren? Am I teaching them that on this special day so long ago a Savior was born? That this is indeed why we have Christmas? Or am I teaching them it is better to give than to receive, or am I making them selfish by giving them all the gifts I can buy?

But there is the other side to Christmas that warms my heart and reminds me that the real meaning of Christmas is also being practiced.

On my christian radio station I listen to everyday, Christmas wishes are being fulfilled daily. People are hearing of other peoples needs at Christmas and the needs are being met. Radio hosts tell how people are paying people’s electric bills for several months for those that can’t afford it, or how they paid off a car for a person that has breast cancer and can’t afford to pay her rent and her car payment at the same time because of bad health and lots and lots of medical bills. They speak about the mother that called in and can’t afford a gift or even Christmas dinner this year because her husband was laid off from his job and people took the time to contact this person and make sure they had Christmas presents and a good meal for Christmas day. This is what Christmas is all about. God gave us his most precious gift, his son. This is why we celebrate Christmas. Then I am reminded of all the Angel Trees all around and the generosity of people’s hearts giving to others they do not even know. This is what Christmas is all about. Giving, forgiving and loving others as you would yourself.

Our Best Christmas Gift by Victor Redick

They came across the desert
They journeyed from afar
They had no map or compass
To lead them to the star.

It filtered in a window of
A little stable there
And touched the face of Mary’s Son
The Babe beyond compare.

May that same star still bring us
To worship at His side
And give the love within us
To Him at Christmastide.

It guided shepherds to His side
They knelt in wonderment
Before the tiny King of kings
God given, heaven — sent.

The Splendor of the Christmas star
Filled the holy night
It hovered over Bethlehem
A beauteous, awesome sight!

The eyes of faith can see it still
Shining through the years
Drawing hearts and souls to Him
Who banishes all fears.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I can’t wait until next Christmas!