The “Ned Show” visits Stafford Elementary

Image: Jeff and his yo-yo — Jeff entertains the students while teaching character building skills.

Jeff and his yo-yo — Jeff entertains the students while teaching character building skills. (Cindy Sutherland)

The “Ned Show” came to Stafford Elementary Monday morning. Wow, what a show! The speaker named Jeff with his yo-yo and his cardboard friend Ned were able to teach the students how to be champions in anything they do in life.

Jeff explained that NED stands for: N-never give up, E- encourage others, D-do your best.

The students were told to think about this question, “What do you think it takes to be a champion?” Later on in the program they were going to be asked this question and whoever had the best answer would win a prize. Five students were selected to give their answer.

Hannah Washington’s answer was, “Go to school and study a few more minutes everyday.”

Cheyenne Dorman’s answer was, “Never give up and if someone is discouraging you, you should ignore them.”

Kenteze Blablock’s answer was, “Try your best and never give up.

Damon Murdock’s answer was, “Never give up, do your best and encourage others.

Brody Hugghin’s (4 yrs. old), answer was, “running really fast!”

Damon Murdock had the winning answer and was presented with the”champion balloon hat” and a yo-yo. When Damon was asked what he wanted to be a champion of, he replied, “a pilot.”

Kelton Bales and Jaclynn Lewis were selected to be the “Ned Show” assistants. They were taught how to re-string and size the string of a yo-yo. The students were then told these were the people to see when they needed help with their yo-yo’s.

This program is presented to nearly two million kids a year worldwide teaching techniques in character building and is of no charge to the school. They do have yo-yo’s available to be purchased by the students that helps support their program.

Stafford Elementary has done it again, making school a fun learning experience.