Milford ISD treats senior citizens to a Thanksgiving meal

Image: Hungry guests — Hungry guests enjoying a wonderful meal.

Hungry guests — Hungry guests enjoying a wonderful meal. (Cindy Sutherland)

Friday at 11:30 AM many senior citizens were at Milford ISD enjoying a delicious Thanksgiving meal. They were all seated in the library with turkey and all the “fixins’ all set on beautifully decorated tables.

“We had a great turn out and it was great to see everyone at the school today. We have done this every year for years. This has been going on long before I was here. The cooks that helped today are: Robbie Pollard, Romie Ramirez and Kim Kincaid,” stated Don Clingenpeel (superintendent of Milford ISD).

The comments from the lucky guests were flattering in deed. “The meal is very, very good,” said Majorie Miller. And Edna Prater said, “I want to thank them for inviting us down here and giving us a great dinner like this, I think it is great.”

Marilee Byrne (Milford ISD principal) said, “It is tradition that we have here at Milford that we have had for many, many years to invite the senior citizens to have Thanksgiving dinner with us. We appreciate the heritage they have forged here in the community, they are and have been supportive of our school and we want to just give a little bit back to them.”

Milford ISD gave everyone a nice meal and put a smile on many faces.