Halloween fun at Milford Elementary

Image: Milford First Grade Class

Milford First Grade Class (Cindy Sutherland)

All through the halls of Milford Elementary on Friday, October 31 all kinds of spooks, goblins and other scary characters could be seen. Why? Because it was Halloween!

Shay Norcross, an aid at Milford Elementary for the Kindergarten, said, “The students get to dress up in all their wonderful costumes. They paraded through all the classrooms of the older grades so the older kids could see their costumes and give candy to all the kids. Everyone got to enjoy a big happy Halloween together and everyone had fun.”

“The kids just have a fun time. This is one of our waver days. We choose Halloween because the kids get to dress up and just have a fun time,” stated Marilee Byrne, Principal of Milford ISD.

Fun was had by all on this wonderful Halloween day at Milford ISD.