Advertising on the Italy Neotribune

Image: Like a bulls-eye — Readers of the Italy Neotribune are like a bulls-eye over the Italy, Texas area.

Like a bulls-eye — Readers of the Italy Neotribune are like a bulls-eye over the Italy, Texas area.

The Italy Neotribune has served the Italy, Texas community since 2002. With over 4,000 stories and 25,000 photographs, no one has covered Italy better. According to Google Analytics we have over 6,150 absolute unique visitors every month. Those readers visited over 75,000 pages of news and pictures.

And unlike paper newspapers, these are not circulation figures where you hope every paper printed is read but you know they are not. These are real numbers generated by real people.

Advertising made easy

Advertising should be relevant to the readers of the Italy Neotribune. To do this, you need more than just a flashy banner that is never updated. Advertising should be a part of the “story” of Italy, Texas. So that’s what we are selling — a place for you to tell your story.

What do our ads look like? Well, your looking at one right now. To the right of this story are a series of small “ads” which — when clicked — take you to a large “ad” which is actually a story, identical in form to this one.

Click on the photographs, see how they work. This is how your ad will work, too. Up to 10 photographs can be included with any advertisement. And text, lots of text, can be included. Just as you see on this story, you can have paragraphs of text to tell your story.

If you have your own website, you can embed links — like this one — directly to anyplace on your website.

So how do I place an ad?

It’s simple. Just email us the story text and photos (with captions) to That’s all we need to get started.

How much?

There are three convenient ways to purchase ad space on the Italy Neotribune site:

1.) Monthly:

  • We are offering an introductory rate of only $29.00 per month (No long-term commitment, cancel anytime).

2.) One year contract — Scheduled monthly payments of $29.00 (One month free):

  • Get one month free with a one year committed advertising contract:
    11 billable months X $29.00 = $319.00, a total savings of $29.00!
    (Your credit card will be billed automatically each month during the 11 month cycle).

3.) One year contract paid in advance:

  • A one year advertising contract of $300.00 (paid up front) will receive an additional discount of $19.00, a total savings of $48.00!

How to format the story

The story format is very simple.

Title — It should be less than 40 characters. Keep it to the point, make it sell: “50% sale on all shirts”, “Free checking at ACME bank”, “2009 Ford Mustangs for $300 a month”.

Byline — The seller’s name — usually your company’s name.

Display text — This is a special paragraph, only one or two sentences (space is limited) that will appear as the text for the small, display ad (like the ones on the right). Keep it tight: “No balance required for free checking at ACME bank. Sign up today.”

Story text — This is the long text people will see when they click on your display ad. It should be long enough to tell your story and sell your product. Include details. Spell everything out. You don’t need to abbreviate. Give our readers more than enough information to take the next step and contact you.

Links — In your story you can include relevant links to your own website. Here’s how. You put quotes around the words you want as a link and then a colon followed by the link itself.

For example, "Italy Neotribune": will turn into Italy Neotribune. Don’t worry about it too much. We can help fix links and make everything work great.

How to submit photos

We can take up to 24 photographs. We publish photos in various sizes from tiny to large. So be sure to send photos that are at least 1024 pixels minimum width or height (whichever is longest). If you are just sending pictures directly from your digital camera, they will be just fine.

Send each photo in a separate email — one email message per photo.

Subject — Please include some kind of identifier for who you are and what photo number this is. Something like: ACME Bank picture 1 of 5

Short Caption — Include with each photo a “short caption” which must be four words or less. This caption appears under every photo when you read the ad story.

Long Caption — Include a long caption with each photo. It should be one to three sentences — however longer is okay if you need it.

Remember: Not everyone will read a whole story, but nearly everyone will read the captions!

Links — Just like in the story, you can embed links — exactly the same way we do it in the story — in the long caption to the photo. So if you have a picture of a house, link to that house on your website if you can.

Attachment — And remember to attach your photo.

Repeat for every photo you wish to send.

Lead photo

The first photograph is called the “lead photo” and is used as the little photo with your display ad and the large photo at the top of your advertisement story. It is the most important photo of your ad so make it a good one.

(Contact us if you need one of our staff photographers to assist you.)

Change is good

What good are advertisements that never change? None. Yet many websites have the same banner ads running for months — even years at a time. We believe this is because changing the ads are too hard. So the businesses create one and leave it running.

This is the Internet age. Change is good. Our system is easy to update and worth making changes more often. Send in an update to your ad every week or change it completely. New specials and products will help attract more readers to click and read your advertisements.


We accept any major credit card to set up an “account”. Each ad is paid for in advance starting on the first day of publication. We expect that most businesses will want a perpetual account where the ads are automatically billed every week until the ad is canceled.

Terms & Conditions

Italy Neotribune is DBA of Neotribune, Inc. All published advertisements automatically create a contract between Neotribune, Inc. (Neotribune) and the Advertiser where the Advertiser agrees to these terms and conditions.

  • The Neotribune reserves the right to edit, revise, or reject any advertisement
  • Advertisers are responsible and liable for all content submitted to the Neotribune for publication.
  • Advertisements must be tasteful, G-rated, and relevant to the reader.
  • Ad copy must be received at least 2 business days before publication. We’ll try to load them faster, but there are no guarantees. If an ad must run by a certain date, send it early.
  • All ads run randomly through the alloted slots on the site. If there are 20 ads and 10 slots then each ad will receive an aggregate 50 percent display of the total ads displayed. However, over short periods of time, any given ad may not be displayed. We do not guarantee ad position and frequency.
  • For performance reasons, ads are rotated on any given page every 5 to 10 minutes. Hitting refresh a bunch of times will not make an ad appear any faster.
  • Credit cards are required for advertising on the Neotribune.
  • At the beginning of each advertising week (based on the first date of ad publication) the advertiser’s credit card will be charged until an agreed upon end date or perpetually until advertiser cancels the ad.
  • The credit card numbers will be held in a secure escrow-like system by our card processor. No one at the Neotribune will have access to card numbers.
  • All credit card transactions will appear on your card statement as “Monolithic Constructors, Inc.”
  • Cancelation ends the ad contract at the end of the paid ad-week. No pro-rated refunds will be given.
  • These terms and conditions can and will change without notice.
  • The ad system is still in alpha stages and will change over time.
  • Other variations of ads types are available on request at a higher cost.
  • If you see an error, tell us immediately and we will fix it as soon as possible. However, the Neotribune is not liable for any mistakes in the advertisements whether by the Advertiser or our staff.

And finally. If you have any suggestions on how to improve the system (ads or otherwise) please send them in. We welcome your feedback.