Dirty Delilah crowned Powder Puff Princess

Image: Princess Dirty Delilah — NHS sponsored the 2008 Powder Puff Extravaganza and Clay Major enjoyed some honors.

Princess Dirty Delilah — NHS sponsored the 2008 Powder Puff Extravaganza and Clay Major enjoyed some honors. (Anne Sutherland)

During the halftime festivities of this year’s Powder Puff game at Willis Field Thursday night, Dirty Delilah was crowned Powder Puff Princess. She was presented a feathered tiara, a sash and a scrawny silk flower for her honors.

Dehilah, escorted by “Chili Bowl” Becca DeMoss has attended Italy ISD since 1999 when she moved here from Scandinavia where she was a professional mud wrestler. In the 8th grade when she was nineteen, she won the Miss Universal competition. The following year she was runner up in the World Strongest Man competition, but was stripped of her title after failing a mandatory steroid test.

When Delilah is not mud wrestling or lifting weights, she enjoys spending time with her boyfriend of one year, Chili Bowl. They go to CiCi’s all-you-can-eat buffet on Thursday nights to check out all the other football players. Delilah thanked her hero, Ben, for always being there to spot her in the weight room.

After being crowned, Delilah spoke as she wiped tears from her big brown eyes, “I am so happy to have been chosen as the Princess. But, this honor is bitter sweet. Before the game I went to Sonic to get my supper. I spent over $6 on a cheeseburger, fries and coke. When I got here to the field, Mrs. Richards put my lipstick on me and I could not eat my food. What a bummer.”

The Cheerleaders performed a precision routine to “YMCA” during half time. They also spelled out 09 on the field.

The other Princess nominees were:

Buddilious, escorted by Tess Clark, likes taking long walks on the beach and hanging out with her girlfriends, Shanta and Jasmine. She plans on becoming a model after graduation.

Luscious La’Daishia, escorted by Jasmine Wallace, enjoys getting caught in the rain. She spends hours on My Space gossiping and uploading new pictures with her boo Tyvion. She loves getting her hair and nails done. She loves volleyball and softball and competing against those heifers from Maypearl.

Kinky Korey, escorted by Stephanie Carter, likes to kick it with her girlfriends, late night slumber parties and pillow fights. She has been a varsity cheerleader for four years and loves to cheer with her friends, Chasey Layne and Tantalizing Toodles. After graduation she plans on pursuing her dream of becoming America’s Next Top Model.

Tantalizing Toodles, escorted by T-Rex Lex, enjoys talking on the phone, shopping at the mall, blogging about beauty secrets and going to the salon. She hopes to attend the Pink Flower Beauty Academy in Houston upon graduation to achieve her dream of becoming the best nail technician that ever graduated from Italy High School.

Delicious Christina, escorted by Molly Haight, likes fruity drinks and chick flicks. Her favorite movies are The Notebook, Just Like Heaven and Bring It On. She loves to prance around in mini skirts and stilettos. When she gets out of school she plans to study fashion and design new uniforms for plumbers, her dream job. She would like to marry Chris Brown one day.

Chasey Layne, escorted by Blanca Figueroa, enjoys flirting. She likes sun bathing in front of the nursing home on weekends when weather permits. She likes long walks on the beach. Her favorite movies are Casa Blanca, Gone with the Wind, and Smokey and the Bandit III. Her perfect date consists of a fancy dinner at Long John Silvers and then heading home to watch NASCAR with her significant other, Bubba Joe.

Congratulations to the Princess Nominees and to Delilah for her honor.