Seniors come up short in Powder Puff game

Image: Gladiator Junior Class — The Junior class won the Powder Puff tournament on Thursday night.  They will own bragging rights for the year.

Gladiator Junior Class — The Junior class won the Powder Puff tournament on Thursday night. They will own bragging rights for the year. (Anne Sutherland)

It was a disappointing loss for the 2009 Seniors in this year’s Powder Puff game. The real winner was the National Honor Society because of the money raised at the game.

From the beginning kickoff to the last play, both teams put heart, soul and muscle into the contest. At times, the fans thought they were watching a varsity football game due to the intensity and roughness of play.

The Seniors drew first blood with 1:06 remaining in the first quarter when Becca DeMoss intercepted a Drew Windham pass and sprinted 66 yards into the end zone. The two-point conversion failed.

With less than a minute off the clock in the second period, Drew Windham dodged defenders and scored on a 15-yard quarterback keeper. Windham’s two-point conversion was questionable due to a loss of one of her flags, but the blind referees could not see the yellow piece of cloth. Someone on the sidelines offered the officials use of their glasses, but they refused. The Juniors pulled ahead 8-6.

The Seniors were unable to move the ball and gave it back to the Juniors on downs. With less than a minute remaining in the half, Cori Jeffords was headed for the goal line when DeMoss grabbed a flag and stopped her scoring drive. The clock ran out with the Juniors on top 8-6.

With great blocking from her teammates, DeMoss hit pay dirt on the first play of the second half when she sprinted 63 yards into the end zone and added the two-point conversion to give her team a 14-8 lead.

Less than two minutes later, Windham retaliated with a 60-yard touchdown run and a two-point conversion to put the Juniors up by 2 again. The Juniors did not enjoy their lead very long thanks to DeMoss again. She followed blockers and hit open field to add a 64 yard touchdown to her credit. Abby Griffith foiled the two-point conversion, but the Seniors enjoyed a 20-16 lead.

Windham was driving for the goal line when Jasmine Wallace stopped her short of the end zone. On the next play she found her target with a 12-yard keeper. Conversion failed, but the Juniors held a 2 point lead.

Not to be outdone, the Seniors fought back. A great kick-off return by Ann Lee Lyons put the Seniors in good field position. Julia McDaniel broke up a DeMoss pass to Angelica Garza. DeMoss moved the ball 35 yards down field before being stopped by the defense. On the very next play, a Garza block gave DeMoss room to run right into the end zone. One official who shall remain nameless (Kyle Holley) called the touchdown back. An unidentified source reported that he (Holley) might have taken a bribe from one of the Junior coaches. With this call, that report became more credible. Due to the questionable call by him (Holley), the Seniors turned the ball over on downs.

With 1:21 left in the game, Windham flew 55 yards untouched into the end zone. Stephanie Carter stopped the two-point conversion, but the Juniors were on top 28-20.

The Seniors had one more chance to tie the score. Lauren Geralds stopped DeMoss for a loss. With one second left on the clock, the Senior coaches called a time out to plan strategy for a win. With one last play, Garza lobbed a pass to her receivers, but the play was broken up by MaDaniel. When the final buzzer rang, the Juniors were on top 28-20.

Junior Coach, Ross Enriquez was very satisfied with the way his team played.

“Our girls were ready to practice to get the job done. It payed off,” he said. “There were some pretty nasty licks out there tonight and I am so glad we came out on top.”