Avalon Lady Eagles win match with Lady Gladiators

Image: Avalon vs Lady Gladiators — Drew Windham and Kaitlin Rossa get it over the net.

Avalon vs Lady Gladiators — Drew Windham and Kaitlin Rossa get it over the net. (Anne Sutherland)

Tuesday night, the Dome was jumping as the Lady Gladiators hosted the Lady Eagles. The Varsity volleyball teams matched up and played four sets. Italy played with intensity but Avalon proved to outplay their opponents.

The scores were 22-25 — Italy won the first set, 25-23, 25-11 and 25-21 with Avalon winning the remainder of the games.

When asked how she felt about the games, Coach Andi Windham said, “I have to tell you the truth: I’m not satisfied with losing, but three out of those four games last night showed such encouraging signs that I look forward to each district match. I know we’ve lost two, but we have in us to come up and win some district ball games. I want those girls to realize that in themselves and play that way every game.”

#1 Lindsey Brogdon-Sr.
#3 Annalee Lyons-Sr.
#4 Drew Windham-Jr.
#5 Becca DeMoss-Sr.
#6 Kaitlin Rossa-Fr.
#7 Stephanie Carter-Sr.
#8 Angelica Garza-Sr.
#9 Cori Jeffords-Jr.
#10 Bailey Bumpus-Fr.
#11 Blanca Figueroa-Sr.
#12 Jaleecia Fleming-Jr.
#13 Molly Haight-So.
#14 Megan Richards-Fr.

The JV girls also played last night losing all three sets to Avalon. However, Coach Windham said about the up and coming team, “JV has more heart and excitement about every game! I love to watch them play; they get so into it!”

The next district game is away on Saturday, September 20 against Frost beginning at 10 a.m. Both JV and Varsity will play.


by Elizabeth Evans on Thursday, September 18, 2008 at 1:15 p.m.

I just wanted to make a comment about the volleyball article… I was at the Junior Varsity game. And, I’m almost 100% sure they did win the first game with Avalon. They did lose the following 2 games… The article reads they lost all 3 games.