IYAA Shows Their Talents Against Hubbard

Image: Fighting Equipment — This image was borrowed from the IYAA website which can be accessed at www.leaguelineup.com/IYAA.

Fighting Equipment — This image was borrowed from the IYAA website which can be accessed at www.leaguelineup.com/IYAA. (IYAA Website )

The IYAA (Italy Youth Athletic Association) Football program kicked-off with its season opener against the Hubbard Jaguars on Saturday. Three games were played with the Italy teams A, B and C. The A team consists of 5th and 6th graders and coached by Randy Boyd and Jason Escamillia. The B team has 3rd and 4th graders and is coached by Jared Esselman, Stephen Mott and Edwin Wallace. The C team has Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd graders and is coached by Gary Wood and Barry Byers.

The C team opened the season with the first game. They shut out the Jaguars 19-0. Coach Wood said, “They played a really good game.”

According to Coach Barry Byers, “The offense dashed for six touchdowns, having three of them called back on penalties.” Taron Smith scored two touchdowns. One was an impressive 55 yard and the other was 30 yard run. Player Ricky Pendleton ran a fifty yard touchdown and an extra point.

Notable defensive players include Jaylon Davis, Jacob Wiser, Corbin Schrotke and Casen Roberts. Their Coach Wood bragged, “The offensive line blocked excellent! Both defensive and offensive line had an outstanding day. I am also very proud of Special Teams.”

The B team de-spotted the Jaguars 14-0. It was a hard fight in an evenly matched game. Issac Salcadio had two long, run down tackles to preserve the 14-0 win. Offensive back, Chasston Wilson ran for two touchdowns. Coach Barry Byers said, “They practice really hard and it shows on game day.”

“Although outscored by the Jaguars 20-0, there were many bright spots for the A Squad. A star is born in Travion Zoll as he got his first game ever as a tailback under his belt. A cross between Eric Dickerson and Walter Peyton, his running style was fun to watch. Travion also had a strong day as a Safety and a Defensive End as well. J.T. Excamillia still has a nose for the ball with a beautiful pass defection in the first half. The offensive line is still Big! Imagine five Mac trucks leading the way for a mustang and that’s what it’s like watching ‘A’ Squad’s power-Italy offense!” as quoted from the league’s website.

The next games will in Italy at Willis Field — the Italy High School football field. The times are 9 a.m. for C; 10:30 a.m. for B and 12 p.m. for A. Admission is $3 for Adults, Students $2 and Senior Citizens $1 and the concession stand will be open for business. No outside food or drink is permitted.

Check IYAA’s website for more information at www.leaguelineup.com/IYAA.

Please come and support our future Gladiators, “The Winning Tradition Starts Here.”