Ellis County Astronomical Society

A few years ago the Starship Pegasus tried to put an astronomy club together for the people of Italy and other surrounding towns in Ellis County. As we all know it went downhill and the people who were interested were left with nothing. As a fellow amateur astronomer I am currently seeking input on starting a new club here in Italy, Texas.

This club will be nonprofit so it will not cost our members one cent. My goal is to have everything run off donations from its members and public donations. I realize with the economy the way it is people cannot simply afford to pay for a child’s membership to a club — or in most cases adults fall into this category too. I don’t believe that people should have to pay a fee for doing something they love. Astronomy is one of the least expensive hobbies there is, but if you are like me the biggest and baddest equipment makes everything more worthwhile, that is if you know how to use it.

I also realize that without the help of the citizens this will not be possible. This club can reach out to so many people and accomplish so many things. I plan to work with Italy ISD on establishing a club at the school. On separate nights they will have their viewing and lecture times, possibly after school or on a weekend. I’ve talked to Mrs. Bridge at the high school and she said she would be more than willing to help get students together to do this, and she knows a lot who would be really interested. Its easy to teach someone out of a book about planets, stars, and nebula, but you learn so much more actually going out and seeing it.

I first became interested in astronomy because of James Adkins. When I was about 14 or 15 I first sat down with him and we talked for hours. By the time he was done talking I was so amazed at how much he knew and how interesting it would be to be an astronomer. I attended several star gazes with him and his students from the college, but after he passed away, I was once again left with nothing — just like I was when the Starship Pegasus closed down.

So its been two years now and I see a time for change in this town. Lets make a difference in peoples lives and get this thing rolling. Lets get people out from infront of the video games, tvs and what not and into something new. Currently I have a Meade Equatorial 8" telescope that is capable of seeing a lot, and overall almost $2,000 worth of equipment. If anyone has any more input, feel free to email me or call me. Currently I’m seeking people with ideas and the common interest of starting an astronomy club.

Thanks for your time,

Adam Muirhead


by Karen on Friday, September 05, 11:53

Adam, I too became interested in astronomy because of my friend, James Adkins. I attended many years of stargazes at Navarro Mills Lake with he and his students and learned so much from him. It was amazing to view the rings of Saturn and see the craters on our moon. Good luck with your endeavors.
Karen Mathiowetz