The Gingerbread House: Flashback to the ’50s

The Gingerbread House (Ellis County Children’s Advocacy Center) of Waxahachie is putting on a benefit dinner entitled “Flashback to the ’50s” on September 26 from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. This is to raise money to help their organization help abused children.

It is going to be held at the Red Oak Municipal Center at 200 Lakeview Parkway, Red Oak, Texas. You will be served a wonderful prime rib dinner, there will be an open bar (wine and beer only), and an opportunity for you to make your own ice cream shake for dessert. Tickets are available at the Gingerbread House located at 425 E. Ross Street, Waxahachie; the Waxahachie Daily Light Newspaper located at 200 W. Marvin, Waxahachie or you can call Bernyce Crownover at: 972-483-6476 and order your tickets.

The Gingerbread House serves children that are victims of sexual and physical abuse in Ellis County and also serves non offending family members by providing counseling. Like many communities across the U.S., Ellis County is faced with the horrible reality that many of our precious children are sexually and physically abused. The Gingerbread House provides a non threatening atmosphere for the investigation of sexual and physical abuse, helping the children to feel safe.

This is what is provided by The Gingerbread House:
Team Investigation — Each child’s case is managed by a highly trained agency team. Each team includes a police investigator, CPS worker, Assistant District Attorney, mental health counselor and consulting physician.

Interviews — Each interview is conducted with an emphasis on the child’s comfort and making them feel safe, minimal number of interviews and proper evidence collection.

Training and Education — The Gingerbread House provides multidisciplinary training to professionals whose job related duties affect the physical and emotional protection and treatment of children.

If you would like more information on The Gingerbread House or to place a donation you can call them at: 972-937-1870 or email them at:

So if you want a good time, and help our precious children at the same time, come on out to the “Flashback to the ’50s” dinner.