Featured horse of the month: Chuck

Image: Chuck and rider — Chuck is a gentle three-year-old gelding, ready to ride.

Chuck and rider — Chuck is a gentle three-year-old gelding, ready to ride. (Submitted Photo)

Featured horse of the month: Chuck

Chuck is a gorgeous three-year-old Paint gelding that was surrendered to Bluebonnet Equine Humane Society when his owners were reported for neglect. When he arrived he was severely emaciated but has always been very calm and gentle.

Since Chuck has been at his foster home he has had his feet trimmed and is still learning to pick up his feet easily. He is now current on his vaccinations, worming, coggins (the coggins test checks for Equine Infectious Anemia) and his teeth look great, no float needed.

Chuck has now been ridden twice and his foster mom says he is the absolutely best and easiest horse she has ever worked with. Chuck had a learning session on Parelli ground work (a natural horsemanship training session), a despooking course and an under saddle work course back in May and has remembered everything he was taught.

When you ride him he doesn’t kick, bite or buck. He turns easily, stops readily and requires some leg to move out. Before he was being worked with he had a tendency to run over his handler, he doesn’t do that anymore, he still likes to crowd a little close, but is doing great.

He has no problem going into a trailer, in fact he jumps right in the trailer.

He gets along with the two geldings he is currently pastured with and adored being pastured with a mare for a short time.

He has quite a fan club of admirers who have watched his progression from when he first came to his foster until now. All the work his foster home has put into him has everyone convinced he is going to be a laid back riding horse. He is not a tall fellow, he is just under fourteen hands but is pretty stocky.

Chuck reportedly killed a dog at a former foster home but he has shown no aggression to dogs in his current home. He has been surrounded by four dogs, all of whom run around the horses at times while they are being led, bark at each other and in general act like a bunch of dogs playing together and oblivious to how close they get to the horses. Chuck has never so much as twitched an ear during all of this.

Chuck is located in Navasota, Texas and his adoption fee is $500

He would love to have a permanent home and a loving owner.